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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The art of Repurposing- Leaflet holder as Palette Holder

Let’s be honest, everything what was to be invented and thought of in regards to makeup organisation and storage was invented and thought of. Acrylic organisers and drawers are probably the most popular because are available in every price range.  MUJI storage is possibly the best known, but eBay and Amazon offer plenty of cheaper dupes.

The one makeup storage purchase I am the most proud of is this clear leaflet holder

I have tried using letter sorter to store my palettes but I didn’t like how they all would end up on the same level, not ideal if you want to store smaller palettes this way. 

Leaflet holder is all about display. Mine has got four tiers, each one higher that the other. I love how I can easily see and access all my palettes, mostly because I use most of them on daily basics.

You can get them in variety of heights, widths and designs in reasonable prices. 

I keep mine basic and clear but if you have got some DIY skills you can jazz it up to your heart’s desire with some spray paint or gold foil.    

What is your favourite piece of makeup organisation/storage?